Hospitality Marketing Hub has over 20 years of experience in hospitality and foodservice digital marketing. We’re a family business that knows what it takes to create and deliver exceptional online experiences.

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with hotels, restaurants, food and beverage brands, and influencers across the globe. This has allowed us to build and execute successful digital campaigns, develop creative marketing strategies, and reach targeted audiences.

Our work also includes optimising buyer journeys, mystery shopping, creating content, increasing engagement on social media, and speaking at industry events.

We focus on customer experience in every aspect of our digital marketing services for hospitality. Both B2B and B2C, our clients include luxury hotels, international franchise restaurants, exclusive events, artisan food and beverages, and FMCG brands. We deliver a 5-star level of service based on an in-depth understanding of your needs.

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  • Hospitality at Heart
  • Design Thinking
  • Thoughtful Creativity
  • Celebrating Cultures
  • Delighting Guests & Driving Growth
  • 5-Star Service

Hospitality Marketing Hub is committed to providing our hospitality and foodservice clients with innovative marketing strategies and creative solutions to enhance the customer experience, strengthen their brand presence and increase the bottom line.

We provide in-house teams and hospitality marketing professionals with the resources and tools they need to boost their capabilities, delight customers and drive growth. We do this by combining industry experience, data insights, imagination, and innovation to solve hospitality challenges creatively.

Hospitality Marketing Hub celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion and respect for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We bring honesty, respect, integrity, and dedication to the table on every project we work on.  We only work directly with a select number of clients who share our values, to give them our full attention, while growing the Hub to be a place where hospitality professionals can learn and thrive.

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Our Skills & Experience

Hospitality Marketing Hub brings a wealth of experience to the table

Digital Marketing Strategy

Communications Planning

Competitor Analysis

Social Media Strategy

Market & Cultural Research

Reputation Management

Newsletter Strategy

Buyer Profile & Journey Mapping

Venue & Menu Launches

Marketing Audits

Mystery Shopping

Workshops & Training

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Meet Dawn

Dawn Gribble has over 20 years of experience with Food & Beverage and Hospitality Brands, working with Award-Winning Boutique Hotels, Michelin Star Restaurants, International Food Brands, Celebrity Chefs, and Influencers.

She is an international speaker and expert guest judge on The Restaurant Talent Show.

A keen foodie, Dawn appeared on MasterChef in 2014, she has taught cooking at private colleges, and her food writing has been featured in the Huffington Post, MissingLettr, This Woman Can, Modern Restaurants, Social Media Today, and Menuism.

Meet Simon

Simon comes from a family of hoteliers and was raised with an insider’s perspective on how the industry functions – he was taught the value of high-quality service and the benefits of a personal touch.

Having worked in hospitality establishments across the United Kingdom, he truly understands the needs of the customer and how to deliver an exceptional experience. Simon worked with the Metropolitan Police to help them implement the Crime Reporting Information System (CRIS) and has experience in eCommerce.

Simon brings his expert knowledge of reporting and an understanding of the importance of effective processes to the team.

How Can We Help You?

How Can We Help You?