Event Marketing

Are you looking for the best event marketing services? 

DG Consulting is here to help. We specialise in promotional events for restaurants, restaurant launch marketing plans and food festival promotion ideas.

From creating ideas for restaurant events to event planning and on-the-day live coverage, we have the expertise and resources to make your hospitality event stand out.

Our team of seasoned professionals will create a tailor-made events marketing strategy that highlights your unique offerings and makes you stand out from the competition.

Event Marketing Services

Events Marketing Services

  • Event Planning
  • Event Marketing
  • Private Networking Events
  • Restaurant Launch Strategy
  • Private Dinner Planning
  • Live Event Coverage

At DG Consulting, we offer unique and comprehensive hospitality event marketing strategies that help our clients stand out in this competitive industry. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each event and help them achieve their goals.

Our team of experienced events marketers understands the importance of planning each event meticulously, from restaurant launch marketing ideas, exclusive private dinners, pop-up events, and food festivals to conferences.

We take the time to understand the target audience, objectives, menus and location, speakers, sponsors, and the best marketing channels to engage, attract delegates and build communities.

We also monitor and analyse key metrics such as foot traffic, online reviews, and post-event surveys to continually refine and adjust our clients’ event marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness, and to inform future events.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services that are both effective and cost-efficient. Whether you are launching a new restaurant or want to create an exceptional immersive experience, we have the expertise and resources to help you reach your goals.

Benefits of Digital for Event Marketing

Our Event Marketing Service will help you achieve the following:

  • Develop a promotion plan tailored to your event's purpose and budget.
  • Create a professional and informative event website that serves as the primary touchpoint with attendees.
  • Leverage digital channels including email marketing, social media, and search engine optimisation to reach potential attendees.
  • Build brand presence before, during, and after the event to generate leads and create new opportunities.
  • Forge meaningful connections with attendees and create brand experiences.
  • Raise brand value and awareness, and maximise the ROI of your events.

How Can We Help You?

How Can We Help You?