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Middle Eastern hospitality is renowned for its warmth, generosity, and attentiveness towards guests. This is why we love the region and are passionate about promoting it to new audiences.

The Hospitality Marketing Hub Team has years of experience providing hotel, restaurant, and foodservice brands across the Middle East with unique insights, in-depth market research, strategies, and digital marketing support that deliver tangible results.

Our team of seasoned professionals based in the UK frequently travels to the GCC to speak at events, attend cultural celebrations, provide training and guest lectures, and serve our select clients. Our high-quality insights and strategic guidance ensure that you have a solid foundation for growth in all of your marketing and customer experience efforts.

With our expertise, insights, resources and connections, we can increase your brand’s visibility and profitability and help you outshine the competition. Whether you cater to locals, international tourists, staycationers, digital nomads or extended stay and corporate… We Support Your Vision!

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Hospitality At Heart

We work with forward-thinking hospitality brands who want to enhance their customer experience and are serious about driving growth and innovation. 

With extensive experience in the hospitality industry spanning over two decades, we work closely with brands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

We devote our efforts to creating unforgettable moments that reflect the true essence of Middle Eastern hospitality.

We’ll help you attract new guests for life by showcasing your unique culture, creating emotional connections, offering luxury experiences, personalising services, and promoting cultural immersion. Empower your in-house team with our strategic guidance, resources and training materials.

  • Hotel Marketing Strategy
  • Restaurant Marketing Strategy
  • Food & Beverage Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Experience Assessment
  • Campaign Planning
  • Digital Marketing Audit

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Delivering Results

When to Contact Us

We understand the importance of strategic marketing investments. As your trusted partner, we carry out market research, detailed mystery shopping, customer segmentation, and experience evaluations.

We have extensive experience in restaurant launches, food festival campaign planning, conferences, special events, seasonal campaigns, and crafting digital marketing strategies.

If you require assistance with any of the following, DG Consulting can help you maximise your marketing efforts, enhance customer experiences, and increase profits.

  • We’re not sure what impact our marketing efforts are making
  • We want to attract new customers
  • We need experienced hospitality marketers to guide our in-house team
  • We want to improve customer loyalty
  • We’re struggling to differentiate our brand
  • We want to improve service standards and brand perception across our units
  • We want to understand our competitor’s strategies and learn how to get ahead of them
  • We have a new menu/concept we want to launch and need help with a marketing campaign
  • We’re a home-grown brand that wants to expand into international markets
  • We want to generate more footfall/orders/bookings
  • We need a brand refresh
  • We need a 12-month marketing and social media plan
  • We want to know how we can boost our marketing impact
  • We need a fresh pair of eyes
  • We want to enter new markets and require in-depth research
  • We want to understand our customers on a much deeper level
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What Our Clients Say

Michelle YoungAsaad Al-ShadhirHotel MarketingKeaton MyburghSanjay Duggal
I’ve worked with Dawn on several projects in UK and Middle East and she is my “go to” guru for all things digital. Her experience and understanding of how to get the most out of your online presence has delivered valuable returns on our projects
Michelle Young
wagamama international
Dawn has proven that no task is too small nor too large, she contributes and take initiative in so many ways (with much success) that a project manager is needed just to keep up with her. Her sound mind of technical insights, delivery, skills and combination of social-digital and communications is a perfect mix, blend and recipe for success. Always has been a pleasure and always will be a pleasure working with her!
Asaad Al-Shadhir
Social Media Week Dubai
Working with you was a great pleasure. It shows very high levels of professionalism in auditing, driving and implementing the best practices in digital marketing and social media management
Ossama Charrouf
Vice President Sales & Marketing, Jannah Hotels & Resorts
I have worked with Dawn on several projects. Dawn’s creativity and knowledge around social and digital media is a huge value add to those who work with her. Her solutions are tailor made and effective! I would recommend Dawn should you be looking to cut through the noise and be noticed in the digital marketing space.
Keaton Myburgh
International Franchise Business Leader
Besides being tremendously knowledgeable about Food & Beverage, Dawn demonstrates an instinctive, in-depth understanding of the Middle East Market. Her observations on how foodservice is evolving in the region are spot on, as are her recommendations on how operators can effectively adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics of the sector. Its always a true pleasure to get acquainted with top notch professionals in their field, and Dawn Gribble, most certainly being one of them, has left an indelible impression.
Sanjay Duggal
Franchise & Retail Advisory

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How Can We Help You?

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