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Soft launch planning and assessment, Pre-launch campaign, Influencer strategy, Landing page creation, Grand opening plan, Post-grand-opening email campaign, Ad campaign plan, Press release creation and distribution, Competition, 12-month content calendar for social media and SEO articles

Digital Marketing for Boo's Restaurant Launch

Boo Burger takes pride in elevating the classic burger joint experience with a unique Boo-style twist. Rooted in a passion for the American fast-food culture, Boo takes the humble burger and makes it better. 

With a vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff, and a commitment to quality, Boo has become a go-to destination for burger aficionados.

Boo sought to make a splash with the launch of their new location in Preston. We stepped in to ensure that Boo’s grand opening was nothing short of a culinary celebration. 

We provided a comprehensive suite of restaurant marketing services, from soft launch planning to influencer engagement, to secure Boo’s place in the hearts and appetites of the local community.

Services Rendered:

  • Soft Launch Planning and Assessment
  • Pre-Launch Campaign Development
  • Influencer Strategy and Engagement
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Grand Opening Event Planning
  • Post-Grand-Opening Email Campaign
  • Ad Campaign Plan and Execution
  • Press Release Creation and Distribution
  • Social Media and SEO Content Calendar 

Our collaboration with Boo Burger led to a highly successful launch, with a bespoke marketing plan that included detailed customer profiling and year-round campaigns. 

Hamza Waseem from Boo Preston lauded the professionalism and thoroughness of the pre-launch marketing strategy, which set the stage for a long-term partnership for future restaurant openings.

The aim was to ensure a seamless and impactful market entry for Boo’s new Preston unit. We crafted a strategy covering the launch’s complete lifecycle—from anticipation-building pre-launch activities to sustained post-launch engagement. 

By collaborating with influencers, creating targeted ad campaigns, and establishing a robust content calendar, we drove awareness and excitement for the brand.

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